Client Care

Client Care at Tynan O’Donovan Solicitors

Client Care is effectively the manner in which you, the client, is treated. It is the process by which we ensure that the service provided to you is of the quality you expect, ensuring the highest standard of advice with good manners and basic common sense. Our continued success will depend upon us meeting these standards.

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At Tynan O’Donovan Solicitors we aim to ensure that:

  • We do the best possible work for you.
  • You will be more than satisfied with the quality and efficiency of the service we provide.
  • When your business has concluded, you will be satisfied that the job has been done well and that you have received value for money.

What to look for…

In pursuing our quality objectives, you will find:

  • All aspects of your work are handled with total confidentiality.
  • You are dealt with courteously, efficiently and in a business-like manner at all times.
  • Your telephone calls and letters are responded to promptly.
  • You are advised as to the costs you will incur at the earliest opportunity.
  • You are kept up to date at all times as to the progress of your transaction.
  • You are aware at all times who is dealing with your transaction.