Advantages of Home Ownership

There are many good reasons to purchase a property in Ireland and here are some of them:   It’s yours! Renting in Ireland is a precarious business and to a large extent you are at the mercy of your landlord. If your landlord wants to sell, move in a family […]


We would encourage all of our clients to explore the option of re-mortgaging their property. Our clients have achieved great savings from changing their mortgage provider at any time after the purchase of the property. You often see advertised that banks will give money back to borrowers when they mortgage […]

Cycling Accidents

Cycling Accidents What you should do if you are a cyclist involved in an accident Usually cyclists don’t have insurance and they are not required by law to have insurance. If you are injured in a cycling accident, it is possible to bring a claim in PIAB for compensation against […]

Executing an Enduring Power of Attorney (“EPA”)

Executing an Enduring Power of Attorney (“EPA”) Why you should think about an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) When you give someone a power of attorney, it allows them to act on your behalf in certain circumstances. Executing an Enduring Power of Attorney (“EPA”) is a different matter. In this […]